Apple Store Goes EasyPay

Tried out the new EasyPay system in the Apple Store today. Damn cool. If you’ve updated your Apple Store app recently, enable location services, then the next time you are inside an Apple Store it will detect your location and offer you the new EasyPay option. Simply scan the barcode on your item and make your purchase using the credit card you have on file with iTunes. Sorry, PayPal users, EasyPay hasn’t been enabled for your connected PayPal accounts (yet? ever?).

It was all smooth and easy–PayPal option not being offered aside–but it’s tough for me to be too impressed. I was doing this in Japan more than 10 years ago, way before the iPhone and iPad existed. Ramen shops were offering touch-screens with full menu ordering and payment options before Dragonball–and that abomination of a live-action movie–ever hit it big in the States. I was already buying Pocari Sweat sports drinks from vending machines with my mobile phone not long after Finland launched the first mobile-enabled Coca-Cola machine in 1997. Shoot, even the Philippines had Smart Money in 1999 to manage payments from mobile accounts.

Tirade aside, as with so many things, Apple has the uncanny ability to position their products and services at the right time in a beautiful offering to drive accessibility and adoption. EasyPay is just the beginning of some very exciting things for us in mobile commerce. I can’t wait.

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