To My Colleagues

To my colleagues,

On Monday, many of you had your positions eliminated at eBay. I know that you will have your choice of opportunities as other companies vie for your talents or as you pursue your own personal passion projects. My disappointment and anger are only fueled by seeing how, to the very end, you conducted yourselves with grace and professionalism. Instead of bitterness and anger you selflessly expressed hope and concern for your people and colleagues instead of your own situation. Until you stepped out of the doors you–my family for a quarter of my life–kept it human and radiated compassion, concerned only that the important work we do continues to serve our customers, representing the very best of what I love about eBay. You were busy making sure that the code and research were properly archived. You made sure to transition your knowledge to those who remain. You worked to the very last moment to minimize the impact of your departure. But these mechanics, these logistics, are not our greatest loss. You are. You humble me. I am ashamed, that no small part of me is saddened by what your departure means for me, of how my day will be diminished by your absence. I can only promise that I will do my very best to continue our work, to serve our customers, and to create the change in the world that brought us together.


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