I invent stuff. I empower others to create with impact.

Innovation is a Discipline

I practice and teach the discipline of innovation. I work with startups, non-profits, large enterprises, and various government agencies on using a culture of innovation to drive impact. My work includes a broad range of industries from: technology, commerce, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and beyond.

I build scalable and sustainable innovation frameworks and ecosystems. I help organizations develop an innovation strategy that centers around value creation across their entire portfolio. In my former role as Director of Innovation Programs at eBay, I designed, built, and grew a thriving innovation marketplace that either significantly contributed to, or was directly responsible for, almost every major technology innovation release from the company.
  • Head of Innovation
  • Agile and Innovation Mindset Workshops
  • Innovation Frameworks and Marketplaces
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Accelerator/Incubator Projects
  • Disruptive Concepts
  • Board Advisor/Director
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Subject Matter Expert

Continuous Innovation

I have been awarded 40 patents (10+ more currently in USPTO review) across multiple disciplines and subject matter areas. These include: software, hardware, human computer interaction, block chain, genetics, and other subjects. I personally authored almost 2% of all of eBay’s patents, and sat on the Intellectual Property Steering Committee (IPSC) that was responsible for reviewing the entire eBay IP portfolio.

  • 15% of the entire workforce were active participants in innovation projects (both technical and non-technical roles)
  • 63% of offices had active innovators (supported by 10 regional innovation hubs)
  • 52% of innovation concepts delivered for the core business; the other half of concepts delivered infrastructure, future tech, and new business streams
  • 22% of all prototypes were funded to next stage development
  • 60% of these funded projects launched to customers
  • Patents Issued
  • Patent Applications in USPTO Review
  • I have more patent applications that have been filed but are not yet searchable in the USPTO database

How Can I Help?

I can bring scalable and sustainable innovation to your organization across your entire business portfolio, delivering quick-win benefits, long-term growth, and disruptive strategy. Engage me as an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR), IP and product strategist, head of innovation labs, or agile leader.