I can help unlock your full potential & transform your organization.

Agile Leader

Agile is more than a system of methodologies, artifacts, and rituals. It transcends scrum, extreme programming, lean, and such systems. Agile is a mindset that at its core focuses on value creation. It is this mindset that drives rapid iterations that are informed and driven by data and an intimate understanding of the customer. In this way, the agile mindset is adaptive and addresses the evolving needs of your business, irrespective of your backlogs, sprints, and product increments.

My emphasis is on delivering results-driven work through agile iteration with gated investment. My approach balances an organization’s portfolio across quick-win benefits, sustainable long-term growth, and disruptive opportunities. This allows us to create and recognize value throughout the lifecycle, and make timely decisions on where additional investments should go.

100 Days

Give me 100 seconds, and I can pitch you an idea that will inspire you. Give me 100 minutes, and we can have a conversation that will transform your life. Give me 100 days, and we can change the world together.

In 100 days, you can make a profound, transformative change. Whether it is acquiring a new skill, making a significant life change, or launching a disruptive new line of business, 100 days of focused effort is enough to make these things a reality.

How Can I Help?

I find uncommon solutions to common problems. My expertise spans multiple disciplines, enabling me to deliver value across strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives. Engage me as an EIR, product strategist, head of innovation, or we can tailor a role that fits your organization’s needs.