My Projects

I get weird ideas. Then I go do them.

Flights of Fancy

There are so many incredible things to experience in this world. Sometimes, I’ll be reading an article, watching a video, or overhear an interesting conversation, and a strange idea will pop into my head. Then I’ll just go do it. One day I might be taking a latte art class, then the next, an introduction to beekeeping. Another day, I might be researching all about freediving, then the next, soldering some custom EL panels.

I’ve always got several experiments and projects running, and I am always wonderfully surprised by where they lead me.

How Can I Help?

If you’ve ever had an unusual idea or wanted to try something epic, I’m the perfect sounding board. Want to hop on a plane to spend 48 hrs in Alaska? Sure. I’ve done it. Twice. Engage me to help brainstorm your idea, connect you with supporters and experts, or maybe even be your partner-in-mischief.