I travel with one bag. I journey along paths less traveled.


Travel is fatal to apathy and hatred. It teaches compassion and empathy because it helps us see a reflection of ourselves in others. It shows us that more connects us than divides us, and that there are human universals that cross borders, languages, and cultures.

I am a location-independent entrepreneur, traveling around the world. This gives me an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, learn from them, and help empower them for success in their endeavors. It nourishes my soul to see so much passion, creativity, and innovation happening in so many places around the world. It is my wellspring of hope to see so many people working to change the world.

Everything I need for indefinite travel, and to live a fulfilling life, fits in one bag. It has been a deeply profound, personal growth experience, forcing me to consider whether the things I carry with me, both literal and figurative, either enrich my journey or create unnecessary weight. Each day is an exercise of letting go, releasing attachments, prioritizing things that have meaning, and helping others.

360 List

I’m fond of saying that I am an adventurer by happenstance and a wanderer by design. I have 360 incredible things I will experience in the next 60 years, and the journey ahead will have many wonderfully winding paths and unexpected detours. Traveling with intention gives me a direction to place that first step, and all I know—all I need to know—is that the steps that follow are forward.

How Can I Help?

I am passionate about traveling and helping improve the communities I visit. I can help build entrepreneur ecosystems and creativity + innovation hubs. I’ve helped government agencies create innovative programs. Engage me as a content creator, brand ambassador, workshop instructor, accelerator/incubator mentor, consultant, or board advisor/director.