I find uncommon solutions to common problems.

Part of my work in agile and innovation is looking for unexpected syntheses across seemingly disparate concepts. This identifies potential strategic opportunities for organizations. These can benefit the core business, adjacencies, or new lines of business. Their scope can be incremental, transformative, or disruptive. As a mental exercise to strengthen and sharpen these skills, I run through hypothetical discovery sessions to consider what opportunities might exist for a company. This is a sampling of those concepts. I have included a brief abstract, but have additional details of how they could be executed including: bootstrap costs, key performance indicators, and product roadmaps. If you are interested in discussing them further, please contact me for a consultation.

If you don’t see a concept directly related to your business, I probably have something that might benefit you and haven’t shared it here yet, or I can co-create something with you in a short discovery session. I have run focused discovery sessions where the output has been one to two dozen patent filings and concepts that could be prototyped in 2-4 weeks. The sample concepts below have been included to give you a sense of the breadth and type of innovation that we can create together. Let’s discuss.