I incite the makers of movements.
I transform people who transform the world.

Move with Purpose

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” -David Viscott

One life can make a difference. The actions of one person can create ripples that radiate outward and set into motion the actions of others. The greatest contribution I can give this world is to help empower free, creative thinkers with purpose. My life’s work is to help prepare the makers of movements. To help inspire their hearts, prepare their minds, and empower their actions. But much more than that, to incite action.
  • Defining Your Culture, Purpose, and Objectives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Personal and Life Coach
  • Executive and Professional Mentor
  • Board Advisor/Director
  • Consultant
  • Subject Matter Expert

Makers of Movements

To inspire is to infuse the mind. To incite is to stir to action. To inspire is to draw the bow. To incite is to let loose the string.

Inspiration may plant the first step, but movement requires many successive steps, in unison, in a shared direction. The greatest human accomplishments were not achieved by one, single person. They required the movement of many in a common belief and purpose.

How Can I Help?

I teach the makers of movements so that they can lead hearts and minds. So they can sustain when the objective is still a distant concept, and the road between long and arduous. I transform people to perform beyond what they initially thought they were capable. Engage me as a motivational speaker, personal life coach, or professional mentor.