I learn things quickly.
I teach others how to do the same.

Lifelong Learning

I am an aspiring polymath and lifelong learner. I can geek out on pretty much anything, and when I do, I geek hard. One day I might get it into my head to try beekeeping, the next, start researching how to freedive. I can spend a thousand lifetimes and never quench my thirst to learn. But I am certainly going to try with this one I have.

I knew that there were three limiting factors to my learning: how quickly I could consume information (speed reading), how much of that information I could retain and recall (memory), and how efficiently I could apply that knowledge (meta-learning).

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Learning Frameworks
  • Multidisciplinary Workshop Instructor
  • One-on-One Teaching

Sharing Knowledge

I teach this approach so others can do the same. I co-founded a startup, Farrow Memory, for a new memory system with the Guinness World Record holder in memory, Dave Farrow. I co-founded a revolutionary learning program for primary school students, Quotationals. I am currently developing a rapid language learning curriculum, and a life-skills academy for developing communities.
  • Because I learned speed reading, I can read the average novel in 90 minutes
  • Because I trained in memory techniques, I have genius-level, practical memory
  • Because I practice meta-learning, I can learn the fundamentals of a new language within a week

How Can I Help?

My work involves unlocking human potential. Whatever it is that you want to learn, I can teach you how to do it with speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Engage me as a speaker, workshop instructor, one-on-one teacher, or designer of learning curricula for complex topics.